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Successful Sports Officiating


Written and edited by a team of expert practitioners in the art and science of officiating, the second edition of Successful Sports Officiating will serve new officials well in their quest to understand and apply the basic principles of successful officiating.

Successful Sports Officiating will help prepare aspiring and inexperienced officials for the rigors of the job. Written by leading experts in the officiating field, boasting experience at the high school collegiate and professional levels, this second edition has been completely revised and updated and includes new chapters on the current state of officiating officiating as a career and mental training. Enlightening discussions on developing an officiating philosophy and the psychology of officiating help you understand what it takes to be a successful official beyond just knowing the rules and mechanics.

Chapters on developing skills in the areas of communication decision making and conflict management will assist you in managing contests and working with coaches players and parents. Discussions on personal fitness and injury prevention time management legal rights and responsibilities and career development will help you manage the off-the-field aspects of being an official.

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Successful Sports Officiating.jpg