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Successful Coaching - 4th edition


Being a successful coach is not just about Xs and Os and winning games. It's about coaching young people to become successful athletes - and successful human beings. But unless you already have the teaching skills of an educator the training expertise of a physiologist the administrative leadership of a business executive and the counseling wisdom of a psychologist you will rely on this third edition of "Successful Coaching" to discover how to excel as a coach.

"Successful Coaching" offers an in-depth introduction to the coaching profession and is specifically written for the secondary school and serious club coach. Integrating the latest sport science research with practical knowledge acquired by highly experienced coaches this book features new sections on sportsmanship coaching diverse athletes managing athletes' behaviour preventing and addressing drug and alcohol abuse and coaching using the games approach. Five sections serve as the foundation for the book. Principles of Coaching emphasizes the value of a coaching philosophy and how to achieve the three major objectives of coaching: create a team of winners; help young people have fun; and motivate young people to develop physical psychological and social skills. Featured is a new chapter devoted to coaching diverse athletes in which coaches learn about developmental differences in youth cultural and gender differences and differences in physical and mental abilities. Also new are specific guidelines on sexual harassment sexual relations and homosexuality in sport making "Successful Coaching" the first book to offer written guidelines that address these issues. Principles of Behaviour discusses how to communicate and motivate players as well as manage problem behaviours among athletes using a positive discipline approach. Principles of Teaching introduces the games approach to coaching and details how to incorporate this new approach into teaching technical and tactical skills. Coaches will learn how to develop an instructional plan for each practice and for the entire season. Principles of Physical Training includes five new chapters on training basics training for energy fitness training for muscular fitness nutrition and battling drugs. Coaches will learn to develop training programs for better sport performance and to ensure the health and safety of their athletes. Principles of Management covers the interpersonal and administrative basics required for building a solid coaching foundation that emphasizes team relationship and risk management. Helpful advice on working with fellow coaches, administrators’, officials’, medical personnel, parents and the media is also included.

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Successful Coaching (1).jpg